The objective of this organization shall be to teach the basic fundamentals of youth sports to the local
youth of the Dundee Community Schools District and neighboring areas with a focus on good
sportsmanship, safety, and community building.

Code of Conduct

​All coaches, parents, spectators,  players and any other individuals acting on behalf of DJV must adhere to the below code of conduct:

I will not, nor will I encourage others to:

  • ​engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any persons.
  • behave in any manner which would endanger the health, safety or well being of any person.
  • use drugs or alcohol while at Dundee Junior Viking sporting events or practices.
  • engage in the use of profanity.
  • use verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any person.
  • initiate a fight, confrontation, or scuffle with any person.

I will always treat everyone with the respect that they deserve and that I desire for myself.

DJV Board of Directors

Aric Bennett

Vice President
Paul Scott

Heather Evans

Andrea Hickey

Director of Football
Jeremy Fielder

Director of Cheer
Kelly Roy

Director of Baseball
Aric Bennett

Director of Basketball
August Ost

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